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The library space is changing considerably in these years. Focus is more and more on the user, on the library as an exiting place and less on the collection. Libraries tend to play a more central role in city planning and city design than before. To support this development we need quick access to what is new for inspiration and decision on new concepts.

NAPLE (National Authorities on public Libraries in Europe) decided to make a European database presenting the best new library buildings in Europe. We have an agreement with the library at The Department of Communication at University of Copenhagen(formerly known as: the Royal School of Library- and Information Science in Copenhagen, Denmark) to host the database. The library (at COMM) has developed a design for the database and the editor Karen Margrethe Ørnstrup is responsible for the project.

The project has been supported with funds from Nordic Council of Ministers, whom we thank.

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The vision is to create a database presenting new, inspiring library buildings by letting each member country select minimum five good buildings to be presented in the database. Make agreements with the libraries so they deliver the needed information and the required photos to your responsible Naple-person. This person in each country will make the final selection, upload the pictures and fill in the pre-defined fields on each library. We hope to gather many pictures and much architectural data on the best and most beautiful libraries in Europe inaugurated since 1990.

It is also possible to publish articles on any architectural / library matter. Use the contact form to make an appointment with the local editor about any new articles.

If your country is not a member of NAPLE please use the contact form if you want to join. We welcome any European country.

If you want to recommend an academic library please use the 'Recommend' button as we will evaluate the suggestions individually. We mainly present public libraries but not strictly. If it meets the criteria we will include it.

María Antonia Carrato Mena, NAPLE (2017)

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