Inspiration in Danish on library buildings

Karen Margrethe Ørnstrup

Danmarks Biblioteksforening (the Danish Library Association) published a new book earlier this year. The title: “Biblioteksrummet – inspiration til bygning og indretning” means “The library room – inspiration on buildings and interior design”.

The book is intended to inspire to new thinking on architecture and city planning, to give some inspiring input on quality, flexibility and creative courage.

The tendency in Denmark seems to be integrating the public libraries in community centers, schools, sports and town halls. The buildings are multi-purpose flexible buildings integrated in community and landscape.

The book contains a long range of articles from a variety of library leaders, architects and advisors involved in library planning. The articles have themes like: World class library buildings, Libraries in transition, Children and libraries and The process and citizens’ participation. The chapter on tools and standards will be an indispensable element for any contractor. Many newly established libraries are represented in text and illustrations. Most articles are in Danish except for two in Swedish.

The main focus is on Nordic library buildings but there are a few American examples. The book is richly illustrated with color pictures, blue prints and visualizations of architectural drawings. Even if you don’t read Danish and Swedish you’ll be inspired from the illustrations.

There is a list of interesting libraries in Denmark and Southern Sweden build or re-build since 1977.

Biblioteksrummet : inspiration til bygning og indretning
Edited by Hellen Niegaard, Jens Lauridsen and Knud Schulz.
Cprenhagen : Danmarks Biblioteksforening, 2008. - 156 pages.
ISBN-13: 978-87-90849-50-4