Zonnebeke Public Library

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The public library of Zonnebeke is located in a park in the centre of the community with 12.000 inhabitants. Architects renovated an old barn and built a complete new wing. The two buildings are connected by a glass entrance hall. This combination of old and new reflects the specific situation of Zonnebeke, a village which was partly destroyed during the First World War and had to be rebuilt. The new library wing has a rust colour to maintain the connection with the environment and to refer to the Great War.

Year of completion: 

Berten Pilstraat 5
8980 Zonnebeke

Size of library: 
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Architectural idea or principle: 

The simplicity of a modern building confronted with the extravagance of the past.

Special features, external: 

War Poem by the local artist Jan Theuninck

Overall Cost: 
€ 1.100.000
Detailed description: 

Location of the library is the park in the centre of Zonnebeke. The library has two wings. One wing is a restored barn. This barn was an annex of the villa (residence) in (pseudo-)Normandic style. The complex was built after the Great War (1914-1918) and was property of the noble family d’Iweins. The second and new wing looks like a rust cube and is a modern interpretation of a barn. It represents simplicity of a modern building confronted with the extravagance of the past. The two wings are connected by a glass entrance hall (includes circulation desk), a neutral connection between future and past. As a natural colour, rust should go hand in hand with the green environment. It also refers to the Great War.

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