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After its relocation to the present site in 1999, the Zadar Public Library has become a favourable and pleasant daily meeting place for over one thousand users – the centre of the local community in which over 400 events take place each year and which is constantly in the focus of media attention. The Zadar Public Library has been included in the good practice guidelines of the European Community, acting as a Croatian model of a contemporary public library.

Title of library in local language

Gradska knjižnica Zadar

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Stjepana Radića 11b
23000 Zadar

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Public Library

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Architectural idea or principle

The Public Library is located in a three-wing ground-floor building build as an officer’s club within the complex of the Italian military barracks (around 1928). It served a similar function up to the Homeland War as a Cadet Club within the artillery school centre of the former YPA. The design of the building is low-profile and neutral but exceptionally ready-made in the spirit of the standard Italian military architecture of the late 1920s as can be seen in many Italian cities. The designers who renovated the space for the needs of the Public Library connected the two side wings of the buildings with a glass corridor that has in its centre a small glassed-in transparent pavilion – cafeteria. In this way the thus formed inner courtyard with a summer café has been transformed into a suitable space for other open-door activities.
The designers who carried out the interior renovation of the space systematically followed the exterior appearance. It is non-intrusive and functional. Although each particular space is equipped with specific equipment and furniture the overall impression reflects an integrally formed concept.

Special features, internal

The building is of a grey-bluish colour which intentionally underlines its reduced classicist aspect.
The ground-floor horticultural solutions with abundant grass and flowers create a pleasant and fresh contrast to the colour of the building.

Special features, external

The integrity of the design of the new Zadar Public Library is confirmed by the logotype and visual identity defined in the Book of Standards developed as part of the preparations for relocating the Library in 1998.

Furniture supplier

Ugo oprema d.o.o., Jandrečić

Overall Cost

€ 1.953.400
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