Krnov Public Library

Miroslav GerykCzech Republic

The public library was completely renovated in 2003. The library is situated in the city centre near the river Opavice. The central location in the town shows the important role of a public library in the cultural life in the town. The foyer, adult lending and music areas are located on the first floor; the children's library, and the exhibition space are on the 2nd floor; the ICT Information area, newspapers, and local studies are on the 3rd floor.

Authority and authority type

Municipality Krnov

Title of library in local language

Městská knihovna Krnov

Year of completion



Městská knihovna
Soukenická 29
794 01 Krnov

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

Overall Cost

€ 488.000
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Back of building: 
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