Ordrup Library

Søren Robert Lund Arkitekter, Arkitektstuen NordDenmark

Ordrup Library is connected to the local high school under the same roof.

The idea is to have a multi-purpose cultural building that includes and stimulates both sports, culture and reading - and creating a recreational place in the city.

The building is closely integrated into the landscape leaving a beautiful view to green areas from the inside.

The library is central in the building witch also include a sports hall and a high school. Some areas allow room for more noisy activities and as you enter deeper into the library the less likely you will hear the other users.

Title of library in local language

Ordrup Bibliotek

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Ejgårdsvej 11
DK-2920 Charlottenlund

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Category of library

Public Library

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Architectural idea or principle

The architecture of Ordrup origins in the juxtaposition between the wish to compress the functions of the building, into a dense square outer shape and the density creates a high degree of broken down borders in the interaction of the functions in the building.

The idea about an outer and inner compression / deformity is underlined in the choice of materials, where the outer shape is defined by a green glass fiber coated façade which opens up, like a portal to the inner deformity.

In the interior, the border between the different functions, are a mix between concrete surfaces and open glass areas.

These compressions and deformation motifs are used on the vertical surfaces and in the horizontal organization of the building. There are two main motives:

-In ground level all floors are green as a carpet of artificial grass.
-On the first floor the grass and by that the nature, is pulled up by the green slopes and creating a bridge throughout the building from east to west.

As a central crossing point in the building the main stair and the amfi stair are placed as an element that both express the vertical deformity of the figure, but also uses the horizontal surfaces in the building. The stair is designed like a sculpture steel element and this gives the motif to the rest of the building surfaces covered with steel.

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