Nurmenuku Library

Peeter Pere, Katrin Kaevats, Arhitektid Muru & Pere OÜEstonia

The four-storey building which houses three different city institutions – Tallinn Central Library, Tallinn Sportshall Municipal Establishment and Tallinn Haabersti Leisure Centre, was completed under the supervision of Tallinn Education Department in 2007. On the ground floor You can use the gyms, on the first floor public swimming pool services and the second floor is for different hobby groups. Nurmenuku Library, the branch library of Talllinn Central Library is located on the third floor.

Authority and authority type

Tallinn Education Department

Title of library in local language

Nurmenuku raamatukogu

Year of completion



Nurmenuku Library
Õismäe tee 109 A/2
Tallinn, Estonia

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

Awards and recommended reading

Recommended reading:
Pere, Peeter. Vaba aja maja. // Raamatukogu. - (2008), nr. 1 - Lk. 28
Kaevats, Katrin. Sisekujundus lisab avarust, värskust ja valgust. // Raamatukogu. - (2008), nr. 1 - Lk. 28

Special features, internal

Blackboard wall
Curtain in the children’s reading area to isolate the area from the rest of the library
Black bookshelves with soft sides
Flower-shaped chairs
Soft sitting pillows on the stairway
Exhibition area
WiFi connection (free of charge)

Overall Cost

€ 192.307

Detailed description

The price is for interior design only.

The architect Peeter Pere described the building as an experiment with the room and the light.
In the elaboration of the building he used veneer, metal, concrete and glass as a collage. The outer shell of the building is like a porous sponge that imbibes the light in the day to irradiate it in the dark.

Nurmenuku Library’s service ground is 608,7 square metres. New modern interior decoration, cool chairs, sitting pillows on the stairs enable everyone to feel comfortable while spending time at the library. Children can use the white curtain in the children’s reading area to make themselves a small library of their own, where it is fun to be with their friends and discover the world of books. On the blackboard wall everyone can demonstrate their drawing skills in chalk. In summer it is possible to read a book on the library’s balcony, if the weather permits.
There are 10 internet workstations with ID-card readers, WiFi connection is free of charge.

The interior decorator Katrin Kaevats tells in the magazine „Raamatukogu“ that the interior design of Nurmenuku Library springs from the general design of Haabersti Leisure Centre. The design of the library is spacious, fresh and bright and preferably with a little reserved eccentricity rather than too serious. All mentioned is made with bright walls and floor, black bookshelves with soft sides, chairs in different shapes and colours, some modern veneer tables with holes (where You can put Your pencils, for instance ), blackboard wall, curtain in the children’s reading area, mysterious light from the circulation desk (only special effect made with the light) and soft pillows on the stairway.

Acrylic paintings „Electricity“, „Flash“ and „Electricity meter“ from the painter and graphic artist Marko Mäetamm ( give the library even more colour. The paintings belong to Tallinn’s art collection.
There is also a permanent exhibition about famous Estonian writer August Mälk at the library.

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