Lohja Main Library, The Lohja City Library

Ilmari Lahdelma, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki ArchitectsFinland

Lohja Main Library was completed 2005 and was opened to the public january 2006. Main Library is now a centre of public events and it is a popular meeting point for user groups of all ages. Library is provided with modern technology including 3 automated borrowing stations and one automated return system. Population of the Lohja City is 37000 inhabitants (2007).

Title of library in local language

Lohjan kaupunginkirjasto, Pääkirjasto

Year of completion



Karstuntie 3, 08100 Lohja

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

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Awards and recommended reading

-Nordic public libraries in the knowledge society, (ed. Wigell-Ryynänen, Barbro), København : Danish National Library Authority, 2006.

-Finnish architecture 0405 : exhibition and book, first presentation Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki, 14 June - 3 September 2006, (ed. Kasvio, Maija), Helsinki : Suomen rakennustaiteen museo, 2006.

Architectural idea or principle

The building has a clear status of a civic building in the townscape. Opening towards the town centre and the church are imaginative and appropriately located. The red brick cladding is in harmony with the surrounding buildings. The elevational composition is both controlled and vivid, ant the entrance invites people into the building. The organization of spaces is logical and the building well-functioning; interior views even dramatic.

Interior design

Gullstén-Inkinen Ltd / Maria Krause

Special features, internal

Library building is situated between the medieval Lohja Church and the new Townhall in the hearth of the town.

Furniture supplier

BTJ, Isku, Martela

Overall Cost

€ 6.312.000

Detailed description

Government subsidy 1900000 euro
Furniture and fitting, works of art 790000 euro

Front of building: 
Special view outside: 
Special view inside: