The Pakkala Learning and Information Centre "POINT"

Aarne von BoehmFinland

The Pakkala Learning and Information Centre consists of the International School of Vantaa, Day Care Centre, Pakkala Citizen’s Office and Point Library. The heart of the school is the Learning Centre, which is also open to the library users after school hours. The building is like a four leafed clover in which the library is one leaf.

The Centre is located along Hagelstamintie and the library is like a crown in the street crossing. There is many lodges for different learning purposes and exhibitions in the library. The chapes of the lodges make the architectural idea of the library.

Year of completion: 

Hagelstamintie 1
01520 Vantaa

Size of library: 
Category of library: 
Overall Cost: 
€ 13.000.000
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Side of building: 
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