Ylöjärvi Main Library "Kite"

Tero HarjunniemiFinland

The Ylöjärvi main library “Kite” was opened to the public in November 2002. The building is centrally located along the busy main street Kuruntie and it fits harmoniously with the surrounding fields. The library consists of two large triangles, and the avenue between them divides the spaces into those for patrons and those for staff. The interior was designed to be spacious and sunny: a long glass wall is facing Kuruntie. The main colour inside the building is warm light brown accentuated with bright blue. Kite-like features, like the triangular service point and the shape of the roofs, have been used in the architecture. The facade is made of yellow plywood sheet.

Authority and authority type

The Town of Ylöjärvi

Title of library in local language

Ylöjärven kaupunginkirjasto Leija

Year of completion



Koivumäentie 2, 33470 Ylöjärvi

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

Overall Cost

€ 5.000.000
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