Central Library of Hamm

vielmo architekten gmbhGermany

Public library contains, presents and manages the data of the stocks of the neighbourhood University of Applied Sciences (in the same building)
Public library manages the data of the book stocks of municipal museum and municipal archive

Self-check (onloan and return); during night-time and weekends: exterior return station
automatic cash register
automated transporting and sorting system
new generation of OPAC (features to integrate electronic data included)
administration of ebook stocks in a network of appr. 40 libraries
(financial management via a registered association)
barrier-free access to all services
professional colour design
professional customer guiding system

festival of children’s and youth literature (spring)
intercultural week(s) (september)
literature festival (october/november)

social inclusion programs:
books for babies
books for pre-schoolers
abc-books (first-year pupils)
day of reading aloud (third-year pupils)
summer reading club
youth jury/youth reading competition

Authority and authority type

City of Hamm

Title of library in local language

Zentralbibliothek Hamm im Heinrich-von-Kleist-Forum

Year of completion



Platz der Deutschen Einheit 1, 59065 Hamm, Germany

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

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Awards and recommended reading

- library (before the opening of the new building): Library of the Year 2005

Case study (in English):
- Central Library of Hamm. In: IFLA. Section on Library Buildings and Equipment. Newsletter 2011, No. 1, p. 14-17 (by Olaf Eigenbrodt)

Case studies (in German):
- Hamm leistet sich ein neues Zentrum / Die Zentralbibliothek im Heinrich-von-Kleist-Forum steht für gelingenden Strukturwandel. In: Buch und Bibliothek 62 (2010), Nr. 11/12, S. 790–794 (by Olaf Eigenbrodt);
- Die Zentralbibliothek der Stadtbüchereien Hamm in neuem Glanz. In: B.I.T.online 13 (2010) Nr. 3, p. 307-314 (by Volker Pirsich)

Furniture supplier

ekz.bibliotheksservice, Lenk Bibliothekseinrichtung

Overall Cost

€ 28.720.000
Front of building: 
Special view outside: 
Special view inside: