Public Library of Mössingen

Baldauf Architekten, Michael B. Frank, StuttgartGermany

The "Tonnenhalle" (“Barrel Hall”) on the former site of the textile printing company “Pausa AG” has received its name because of its special roof structure which consists of nine adjacent barrel roofs with large skylights made of glass. Designed by Manfred Lehmbruck and built in 1950/51, the building was acquired by the city of Mössingen following the insolvency of the last private owner.
The public library of Mössingen is now located on the top floor of the building and can be accessed via a ramp. With a total length of 80 meters and a width of 10 to 15 meters, the biggest challenge for the furnishing of the “Tonnenhalle” became obvious: How can it be achieved that library users want to explore the space in all its length? To this end, the architects decided to create a “main path” that runs alongside the railing, thereby connecting a suite of different spaces located on either side.

Title of library in local language

Stadtbücherei Mössingen

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Category of library

Public Library

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Furniture supplier

Schulz Speyer, Vitra

Overall Cost

€ 3.300.000
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