Floriande Public Library

Thomas Rau, Architectenbureau Thomas Rau & PartnersNetherlands

The Floriande Public Library is one of five branches of the Haarlemmermeer Public Library and is located in the quarter Floriande in Hoofddorp, municipality Haarlemmermeer (near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol). The library is directly connected to the Haarlemmermeer Lyceum, a secondary school which has 1.500 students.

Authority and authority type

Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer

Title of library in local language

Bibliotheek Floriande

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Baron de Coubertinlaan 4
2134 CG Hoofddorp
The Netherlands

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Category of library

Public Library

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Architectural idea or principle

Description from: http://www.rau.eu/site/index_php/Menu/1578/pntRef/16/pntScd/d/HAARLEMMER...

The world turned topsy-turvy? By building a wide ranging integrated school, communal library, and space for sport and social-cultural facilities in a setting that is still under construction. Haarlemmermeer’s Floriande quarter and its facilities come up together.
In June 1995 the township Haarlemmermeer has concluded with regional and state authorities the 4th supplement act town and country planning (‘Vinex covenant’). According to this covenant from 1995 - 2005 ca. 17.400 houses are built in the Haarlemmermeer polder. Floriande (Hoofddorp) is the biggest of four locations: 6500.
An urban quarter can be constructed, a community has to grow. To achieve this the residents must meet, get to know each other, do things together. The symbiosis of the new Floriande library and Haarlemmermeer school can be of crucial value.
The school library continues into the glazed head of the communal library. The square is meant for little benches not for bicycles. (Stored instead on the roof!) Mothers and children setting out for the library, others to sport activities. Students for a wide range of educational programmes, eye to eye on the long slow ramp connecting all floors and spaces of the school building. All functionally apart, and yet running across all the time.

Interior design
Aat Vos, Aequo Architecturals
http://www.aequo.nl (Nederlands)
http://www.aequo.nl/?p=home&l=en (English)

Description from: http://www.aequo.nl/?p=interieur&s=7&p_id=32

AEQUO is designing an interior for the Floriande Library, which does justice to the central urban architectural position and the orientational function of the building in the new housing development. Looking outside from in and inside from out are essential points of departure for the design. In this manner, the philosophy of the invisible interior comes into being. This leads to an design, which is as light and transparent as possible, with a lot of attention paid to lighting and translucent materialisation. The shelves are placed so that the neighbourhood remains in sight at all times, and they are constructed from a material that doesn't hinder this view, introducing an atmosphere appropriate for a modern public space. By installing a specially-coloured light above all of the islands' ceilings, the library is able to convey a light and atmosphere message to all of its visitors and passers-by. The building's orientation function is strengthened quite a bit in this manner. Inside, it's apparent that the visitor can do a lot himself: There are many internet terminals, the process of lending and returning books is fully automated, and the decentralised information counter has been replaced by an info point. The library has the title of National Example Library.

Interior design

Aat Vos, Aequo Architecturals

Furniture supplier

Eurobib, Ansorg

Furniture supplier, extra

Bookshelves: BCI-Eurobib
Lighting: Ansorg, Svend Panjer
Customisation: FJBV

Overall Cost

€ 5.000.000
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