Bento de Jesus Caraça Municipal Library

Raul Hestnes FerreiraPortugal

Bento de Jesus Caraça Municipal library is the central library of Moita, a municipality of the Lisbon region serving an urban population of 67.000. It is located on the city’s park and it opened to the public on May 1997.
The building is design by Raúl Hestnes Ferreira. It’s main feature is the use of brick along with white concrete. The brick is mostly used in walls and closed spaces while concrete is associated with large windows in the main entrance and reading rooms.

Authority and authority type

Município da Moita

Title of library in local language

Biblioteca Municipal Bento de Jesus Caraça

Year of completion



Rua Dr. Alexandre Sequeira
2860-483 Moita

Tel. +351 210817040

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

Overall Cost

€ 1.355.000
Front of building: 
Side of building: 
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Special departments: 
Reading room: 
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