Domžale Public Library

Tomaž MedveščekSlovenia

Domžale Public Library covers the area of 5 municipalities with the main library in Domžale and its local libraries in Lukovica, Moravče, Mengeš and Trzin with app. 52.000 residents in total. Besides its basic and regular services like loaning the library materials and providing information it also offers: interlibrary loans, the use of Internet - free of charge - and the access to various databases, activities for children (fairy- tales hours, library-pedagogical activities, exhibitions, the family reading project ‘Pravljični Palček’), activities for adults (projects to support adults at reading, life-long education, Epi reading badge, collecting demographic literature, ...

Year of completion: 

Cesta talcev 4
1230 Domžale

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Architectural idea or principle: 

Domžale Library is situated on the upper floor of the shopping mall with the football pitch behind it. So the visitors can find the three most important elements of our modern society in one place: a book (library), a shopping trolley (shopping mall) and a ball (football pitch).

Special features, internal: 

The whole library space is on the same level. The architectural style of Miran Lasić is recognizable by functionally, circularly and elliptically designed furniture. At the entrance there are several large wooden spinning boards used for art as well as photography exhibitions.

Special features, external: 

The library is easily accessible by a car or on foot, with a large parking space accessible for disabled people by escalators and elevators.

Overall Cost: 
€ 3.750.000
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