Grosuplje Public Library

Miloš Florjančič, dr. Matej BlenkušSlovenia

Municipal public library of Grosuplje is located in the heart of the city and represents one of the most vivid parts of public life in the community with 18.500 inhabitants. Nowadays library members represent 35% of regional population and the percentage grows noticeably every year.
Library activity in the community started before the Second World War with social and trade union libraries. Independent public library was established in 1962 and later in 1967 the first professional librarian was employed.
The development of the new library information system, technology, social and economic relations resulted the need for a modern library building. Library with modern technical facilities, better access to the library collection and more spacious reading room.
In 2003, municipality of Grosuplje started the renovation and in 2007 the new library has been opened. With a quality ICT equipment and services and adequate respond on demanding requirements of modern learning the library fulfilled its role as a knowledge provider.
Today library employs nine librarians who provide professional librarian service for each and everyone that grounds in personal and trusting relation between users and services.
Library has approximately 750 visitors per day. It provides large amount of contemporary literature, electronic journals, free access to the internet and comfortable reading and studying areas. The latter are sufficiently equipped with a well chosen collection of key literature, reference material and journals. Visitors can also visit exhibitions in the gallery, drink a cup of coffee in cafeteria or join evening cultural events. For the youngest members library organises special storytelling hours.
The image and identity of this library arise also from tight cooperation with local schools, kinder-gardens, cultural and other associations.

Year of completion: 

Adamičeva cesta 15
1290 Grosuplje

Size of library: 
Category of library: 
Architectural idea or principle: 

How to place a new library behind the existing building of the old library and to give a new functionality to the traditional house.

Special features, internal: 

Interior is characterized with the use of natural materials, brightness and openness of a space.

Special features, external: 

The old and new parts of the library are linked through glazed gallery. As a main visual element to connect the old building and the new pavilion is the material along with the colour of the roof covering. Traditional gable roof on the new building is broken down into bands, framing the segments of the pavilion.

Overall Cost: 
€ 2.600.000
Front of building: 
Back of building: 
Side of building: 
Special view outside: 
Special view inside: 
Special departments: 
Reading room: 
Circulation desk: 
Special features, external: