Kobarid Public Library

Mitja Skubin u.d.i.a.Slovenia

Kobarid Public Library was conceived as an information and social centre of Kobarid municipality (4700 inhabitants) and has brought to life a new concept of organizing the library materials (25.000 units). Technical materials on various media are arranged in thematic areas and are meant for specific target groups. Due to the modern technical equipment, users can access to various information on different media. Beside books the main roles in the library play films, music and internet.

Authority and authority type

Branch Library

Title of library in local language

Knjižnica Kobarid

Year of completion



Gregorčičeva 20
5222 Kobarid

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

Awards and recommended reading

Knjižnica Kobarid=Kobarid Library. Besedilo Viljem leban. Tolmin: Knjižnica Cirila Kosmača Tolmin, 2002.

Kozinc, Željko: Vrata v vse čase: podobe splošnih knjižnic v Sloveniji=Doors to the past, present and future: portraits of public libraries in Slovenia.

Architectural idea or principle

The interior is based on the contrast between dark earthly wooden floor and light airy shelves made of aluminium and glass on one side and fiery red furniture and watery spiral wall and glass sculptures on the other.
Unique interior with contrasts between the four elements creates a lively place for learning and meeting friends.

Interior design

Nataša Štrukelj u.d.i.a.

Special features, internal

The sculpture Wavings – To Soča River was made by Slovenian sculptress and designer Tanja Pak. The sculpture is made of several swinging glass waves which bring to the library the freshness of water flow. It is a symbol of life energy, a reminiscence of pagan worship of water and a homage to the river and to the Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič.

Special features, external

Kobarid Library is based in the lower areas of the Dom Andreja Manfrede building. After the earthquake in 1998 it was restored thanks to the state and municipal funding. The front exterior of the building now resembles an old and wealthy small town house. The building itself is named after a Slovene patriot Andrej Manfred, who perished in 1943 as a victim of the fascist regime.

Furniture supplier

Beltram P.G.T.

Overall Cost

€ 1.087.318
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