Municipal Public Library Dámaso Alonso in Madrid

Carlos Ruiz de Carvajal, Orlando Yagüe de MiguelSpain

The Municipal Public Library Dámaso Alonso is one of the 27 libraries under Madrid City Council responsability, through General Direction of Archives, Libraries and Museums of Arts Area. The two-stores building is located in the north of the city and has 320 m2 per floor.

The main entrance is leveled to the upper floor of the library near by the circulation section, children and youth area and periodicals section.

The ground store is open to a courtyard where are the reading room, a multimedia space and the staff area.

At the beginning, the library was known as Mateo Inurria Library because this is the name of the street where is placed. The former building was demolished and a new library was built in the same spot of the disappeared newspaper building “Diario Ya” in 1982, designed by Carlos Ruiz Carvajal.

In 2006, was carry out a new project by Orlando Yagüe de Miguel, in order to make suitable the building for disabled people.

This refurbishment has been focused to improve drastically HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). The foyer and help desk has been extended and nowadays the multimedia rooms are now more important thanks to the public internet access service.

The library has a new multipurpose room and the entire building has been adapted for disabled people access.

Authority and authority type

City Council

Title of library in local language

Biblioteca Pública Municipal Dámaso Alonso en Madrid

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C/ Manuel Ferrero, 1
28036 Madrid – Spain

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Category of library

Public Library

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