Kungälv City Library

Wingårdh architect AB, Jonas EdbladSweden

The grand opening of the cultural house Mimers Hus was in September 2004.
The library which you found the main building has tree floors and has 19 librarians and 4 assistants. We have around 35 computers at the library and wireless broadband. The library has almost 1500 visitors every day.

The library has more than 95 000 media: books in some 26 different languages, 7500 in other language than Swedish, magazines and newspapers from all over the world, cd’s, films, video games, audiobooks and talking books. Using Kungälv City Library’s web catalogue users can renew loans, make reservations and subscribe to RSS-feeds to get news lists over new material. Kungälv City Library focuses on serving the needs of the community and is also integrated with the upper secondary school. You can also find the library participating in different social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Many free events for both children and adults are organized at the library every year.

In the entrance hall you find artistic adorn
Crushed glas from Iceland – Ragna Robertsdottir

Library service
The Tor- In, a robot where you can return books to the library
The robot sort the books in to the right boxes

The café with lunch buffet every day

Special features, external:
Fanfare in stainless steel – Björn Bergsten

You can also find
Exhibitions hall
Lecture halls
The house have different administrations
The administration for the uppdendary second school
The administration for Culture and Leisure with the library staff, Cultural School and the administration for the youth recreation centre in Kungälv.

Interior architect: Liljewalls, Pia Oscarsson Linda Johansson
Landscape architect: Håkan Lundberg

Title of library in local language

Kungälvs bibliotek

Year of completion



Trollhättevägen 4

PO BOX 574, SE 442 16 KUNGÄLV

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Category of library

Public Library

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Special features, internal: