Lomma Library

Henrik Jais-Nielsen, Mats White Arkitekter ABSweden

Lomma new library, with its location on the border between the existing center and a new towndistrict by the sea that suddenly emerge, is given a key position in the city with great symbolic value for the municipality.

The Library building, situated close to the Höje river, is simple in its form, fully dressed with galvanized steel plates it relates to the port environment with boats and plate sheds. The building is located on an elevated granite plateau with an entrance ramp in all its width. Towards the water and the view is a less disconnected cafe building, as an architectural "little brother" to the library, from where it also can be reached.

Once in the building you meet a single large room into two floors height with a considerably raked roofs. A straight staircase, like a gangway leads up to an entresol, freely floating and completely fresh-cut from the outer contour. A core along the north facade contains administrative and personnel functions. The rest of the library is fully intended for the public. A unifying visual idea is the "Red wall" from floor to ceiling, as a cardiac wall decorated with the LIBRARY translated into 50 different languages by writing in silver. The wall is designed by graphic artist Gabor Palotai.

The library is designed as a heavy houses with concrete walls and ceilings. Floors are designed as 50 cm deep floor installation, which has the advantage that all electricity and plumbing installations are hidden. The only visible traces are three stainless steel chimneys at
north facade.

Authority and authority type

Lomma Minucipality

Title of library in local language

Lomma Bibliotek

Year of completion



Hamngatan 3
234 81 LOMMA

Size of library: 

Category of library

Public Library

Awards and recommended reading

Arkitektur nr 4 - 2009
Tidningen RUM nr 5 - 2009

Interior design

Lars Wesén Arkitektkontor AB

Furniture supplier

Input AB, BK Library Interiors (Biketjänst)

Overall Cost

€ 4.000.000
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