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The escalator which is situated in the very centre of the building, goes only one way – up! It will take you directly to the Library, which is located on the two top floors, in the sunniest and most open part of the building.

The library is where a considerable part of all knowledge production and learning will take place. Here you will find optimal conditions for study, reflection and exam preparation: library, teaching and guidance services, access to quality controlled information and learning resources, and IT services.

Staff: 30 (Campus Nydalen) (2013)
Study seats: appr. 1830 (Campus Nydalen) (2013)
Visitors : 590.000 (Campus Nydalen) (2013)
Primary loan from own collections: 36.101 (Campus Nydalen) (2013)
Renewals - loan from own collections: 35.575 (Campus Nydalen) (2013)
Printed books: 85.000 (2013)
Electronic books: 91.000 (2013)
Journals in paper: 88 (2013)
Electronic journals: 16.000 (2013)
Subject data bases: 77 (2013)

Title of library in local language

Handelshøyskolen BI. Biblioteket

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Nydalsveien 37
0484 Oslo

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Category of library

Research Library

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Architectural idea or principle

The natural lighting throughout the building along with the open walkways and courtyards all serve to create the feeling of a small town where everybody feels at home and welcome.

Architect Niels Torp’s vision is that there will be 8000 people in the building who are constantly on the move and that this feeling of motion and activity should be conveyed to people passing by outside.
The building has been designed like an open town where, by looking up, down and sideways, you can see activity going on. Students and lecturers can communicate openly and actively. Open terraces, galleries, small nooks and quiet areas have been created as special meeting places to add life.
Each group of students -bachelor, master and executive- has its own particular area with teaching rooms, meeting areas and special facilities adapted to the students' needs.

The building does not close anybody in, neither does it shut anybody out. The thousands and thousands of square metres of windows let people on the outside get a feeling of the busy life going on inside.

The building is covered by a glass ceiling and comprises four blocks on seven levels. Three of the blocks are dedicated to BI. The fourth block contains offices, shops, a health centre and a large gym.

There is a strong focus on future-oriented learning at the new BI campus. This is a place where 8000 students enjoy learning and feel inspired in their daily lives. There are now around 18,000 people going about their daily business in Nydalen. Half of these are students or staff of BI Norwegian Business School.

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