Ratio ArkitekterNorway

Nesodden library is situated in the new community centre at Nesodden called "Tangenten". The library was officially opened May 15th 2012. Other... Read more

Asplan Viak, Karen Ane JonassenNorway

Time Public Library is located in a former industrial site that in recent years has been transformed into a residential area with premises for... Read more


Molde library opened July on 14th 2012 in the new building "Plassen", where it coexists with four other cultural institutions: the Molde... Read more

L2 ArkitekterNorway

Lørenskog library is situated in the municipality’s new crescent-shaped culture centre – “Lørenskog hus”. The library was officially opened on 1... Read more

Helen & HardNorway

Vennesla library opened in new premises in October 2011. It is a public library now located by a square in the town centre, linking two existing... Read more

Niels TorpNorway

The escalator which is situated in the very centre of the building, goes only one way – up! It will take you directly to the Library, which is... Read more

Arkitektgruppen lille frøen as, Ottar arkitekter (Bølgeblikk)Norway

Kongsvinger library opened in new premises in January 2009. The library is both a public library and a library for Sentrum videregående skole (... Read more

LPO arkitektur & designNorway

In order to exploit to the full the library resources of Drammen and create a high-class, future-oriented library, three library organizations... Read more

HRTB AS arkitekter MNAL, Gunnar Bøgeberg HaugenNorway

The main library building is located in the Fokuskvartalet area in the centre of the city. The main street "Storgata" and the Cultural Centre are... Read more