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Nesodden library is situated in the new community centre at Nesodden called "Tangenten". The library was officially opened May 15th 2012. Other than the library, "Tangenten" also houses one of Nesodden's secondary schools; a culture school; a cafe; a baby health clinic; and administration offices for local authorities.

"Tangenten" is a vibrant building where the people of Nesodden participate in meetings of different kinds; enjoy concerts, movies, book talks, exhibitions and other cultural events; and it is a work place for 200 people.

The intent of "Tangenten" is to achieve flexible and joint use in a building that gives identity to the community centre. The different functions are divided over two floors under one roof. The design emphasizes open and flexible areas, and possibilities for joint use. The library staff has worked closely with the interior designer to make the library an attractive meeting place, but also keep the traditional library functions. In the furnishing phase emphasis was put on natural light; harmony; flexibility; and front exposure of books and other media.

Authority and authority type

Nesodden kommune

Title of library in local language

Nesodden bibliotek

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Kongleveien 2

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Category of library

Public Library

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Overall Cost

€ 30.000.000
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