Lørenskog public library

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Lørenskog library is situated in the municipality’s new crescent-shaped culture centre – “Lørenskog hus”. The library was officially opened on 1 May 2011. “Lørenskog hus” is a vital element of the community’s urbanization process, and it houses not only the library, but also a cinema, a youth club and a children’s music school.

The three-storey Lørenskog library comprises a café, a reading room and a number of group study rooms. In addition, there are two rooms especially designed for gaming and an enclosed area where school classes participate in book talks.

Beautiful pieces of art decorate the walls, and the windows are large, helping to make the library a light and airy space with a sophisticated feel. Comfortable chairs are located on all floors.

The white bookshelves with LED lightning are set up according to requests from the staff, and in such a way as to display the front covers of the books. Lørenskog library is also the only library in Northern Europe with a sorting system that includes a media lift covering all three floors.

Authority and authority type

Lørenskog kommune

Title of library in local language

Lørenskog bibliotek

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Category of library

Public Library

Interior design

Andersen & Flåte AS
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