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The library at Dokk1 is a center for knowledge and culture which disseminates and makes a variety of media come alive across genres and formats. The library is the citizens' house. Staff and management of the organization continually work with public involvement.
Dokk1 is a relocation, expansion and development of The Main Library in Aarhus. It houses Citizens’ Services and a range of networks and cooperation partners.
The building is a ‘melting pot’ for knowledge, growth and development. Centered on the users, Dokk1 should be the city’s heart for knowledge and culture – a unique place for cooperation.

The core values:
• The citizen as key factor
• Lifelong learning and community
• Diversity, cooperation and network
• Culture and experiences
• Bridging citizens, technology and knowledge
• Flexible and professional organisation
• Sustainable icon for Aarhus

Year of completion: 

Hack Kampmanns Plads 2
8000 Aarhus C

Size of library: 
Category of library: 
Architectural idea or principle: 

Vision for Dokk1
Dokk1 should be a flexible and dynamic sanctuary for everyone in search of knowledge, inspiration, and personal development - an open and accessible learning environment supporting democracy and community.
Dokk1 provides space for contemplation and knowledge. It is an attractive, intelligent and interactive building, which supports the desire to learn and experience.

Sustainable icon for Aarhus
At Dokk1 you will have the chance for experience and activity as well as for tranquility and contemplation. In the new building you will find media, a café, project rooms, halls, study cells, playground and much more.
Dokk1 has been built and designed with a clear focus on a low energy consumption and sustainability, both in the construction phase and in the long-term operational phase and it meets the Danish class 2015 low energy requirements. Among the many initiatives, a 2,432 m2 solar panel has been added to the roof, seawater is used as a coolant for both excessive heat and ventilation and LED lights are used extensively. Robust, natural, environmentally friendly and recyclable materials have been used for the constructions. Sustainability are among the seven core values for Dokk1.

Overall Cost: 
€ 280.000.000
Front of building: 
Back of building: 
Side of building: 
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