Public Library

Juris PogaLatvia

Ventspils Main Library is located in the heart of the old town near Snt. Nicolai church. The library is situated in this place since 1937 when the... Read more

Architect office Hannu Jaakkola, Tapani KerttulaFinland

Municipal Library of Vihti, "Agricola", was built in the central location of Nummela in 1998. The building project was carried out in a modified... Read more

Jose Luis Martín ClaboSpain

This public library is the most important library in Palma de Mallorca, capital city of the Balearic Islands’ Autonomous Community. The current... Read more

Henning Larsen, John SmedbergSweden

Malmö City Library has almost 1 million visitors each year and is as well-known for its beautiful architecture as for how it seeks out new ways to... Read more

Barbara AčanskiSlovenia

The library of Šentjur is a public library with 6,35 employees in the service of 19,688 residents. The collection fund includes over 80,000 items... Read more

Aleksander Grebenšek, Marjan BerličSlovenia

The Ivan Potrč Library falls within the major public libraries in Slovenia and in the pursuance with the legislation serves to almost 70,000... Read more

Marko MušičSlovenia

The origins of today’s modern library stretch back to 1865. With new image of a classic library, with its light and pleasant surroundings that are... Read more

Søren Robert Lund Arkitekter, Arkitektstuen NordDenmark

Ordrup Library is connected to the local high school under the same roof.

The idea is to have a multi-purpose cultural building that... Read more

Ilmari Lahdelma, Lahdelma & Mahlamäki Architects, Juha Mäki-JylliläFinland

The purpose of library and information services is to promote equal access to education, literature and art, and to constant development of... Read more

Schmidt, Hammer and LassenDenmark

Middelfart Council together with private invenstors created KulturØen (Island of Culture). KulturØen combines a tourist information, a restaurant... Read more