Arkitektgruppen lille frøen as, Ottar arkitekter (Bølgeblikk)Norway

Kongsvinger library opened in new premises in January 2009. The library is both a public library and a library for Sentrum videregående skole (... Read more

3+1, Markus Kaasik, Andres Ojari, Ilmar ValdurEstonia

On January 7, 1909 the public reading room was opened in Elevandi Street 7. There were 400 books in Estonian. From 1942 to 2003 the... Read more

Claude Vasconi, AriesBelgium

The public library of Genk is located in the town centre, at the town square. The new library building is part of a great urban renovation plan.... Read more

Ilse Das, Bert GeraetsBelgium

The public library of Bree was completely renovated in 2005. The result is a library without interior walls, creating an abundance of daylight and... Read more

Supply ArchitectsBelgium

The public library of Zonnebeke is located in a park in the centre of the community with 12.000 inhabitants. Architects renovated an old barn and... Read more


The City Library “Juraj Šižgorić”, founded in 1922 was relocated into a new building in the very centre of the city in 2005. The new library space... Read more

Mladen Vodička, Boris Morsan, Relja ŠurbatCroatia

The City Library “Ivan Goran Kovačić” is the oldest cultural institution in Karlovac. It was founded during the period of the Illyrian movement,... Read more


The Public Library “Petar Preradović”, founded in 1946, continues the rich tradition of public libraries and reading rooms in Bjelovar. The... Read more


After its relocation to the present site in 1999, the Zadar Public Library has become a favourable and pleasant daily meeting place for over one... Read more

Carlos Ruiz de Carvajal, Orlando Yagüe de MiguelSpain

The Municipal Public Library Dámaso Alonso is one of the 27 libraries under Madrid City Council responsability, through General Direction of... Read more